About Us


Casual dining ambience meets excitingTze Char dishes. Legacy Seafood offers crowd favourite seafood dishes only from the best and fresh ingredients. Enjoy our mouthwatering meals in our air-conditioned restaurant that’s conveniently located along Science Centre Road.  Families and friends should come by to experience relaxing and satisfying feasts



We have succulent meat and savoury seafood that are loved across Singapore and overseas. Let your tastebuds fall in love with our signature homestyle dishes, discover new combination of flavours in our special recipes, and immerse in our finger-licking sauce complementing the soft crab meat that will hook you into coming back again and again.

With a new name, new look and new location, we aim to continue to bring you all your beloved seafood dishes in a more accessible and enjoyable dining environment! From the head chef to the service staff, we strive to bring the same quality of food and service that have turned so many customers into friends, all across Singapore and overseas.



From our head chef to our service staff, our whole team is on top of our game to ensure customer satisfaction. Our attention and thoughtfulness will accompany you throughout your dine-in experience, while our service for takeaways comes with our effort to make our food taste and look like they are straight from our kitchen to your home table.